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We are pioneers in the field of liquid based formulations of bio products such as bio fertilizers, bio pesticides and bio fungicides in India.

Organic agriculture and use of biofertilizers

In the olden days, farming was carried out in a traditional manner. Most farmers used to have a number of farm animals in their farm and the farmyard manure generated in the farm was used for raising crops. In addition, most of the farm-generated biomass was also used for raising crops. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides were heard of or used. During this time period, farmers were getting very low yield of crops, but were getting very good quality produce. However, the yield obtained by farmers using this traditional method of farming was not adequate to meet the food demands of the growing population.

Through green revolution, India was able to meet food demands of its growing population. Hybrid varieties of crops not only required higher inputs of chemical fertilizers, but also were susceptible to many insect pests and diseases. This created high demand and indiscriminate usage of pesticides and fungicides. Crops thus grown also contained high residues of chemical pesticides which are detrimental to health.

Year after year, addition of chemical fertilizers also had depleted beneficial microbes from the soil. This, combined with lesser and lesser application of farmyard manure, resulted in lower bioactivity of soil and crop yield. Application of chemical fertilizers results in ground water contamination by nitrates leaching through the soil profile. Denitrification of nitrogenous fertilizers from soil, and gases from such process contribute to greenhouse effect/alteration of ozone layer. Most of all, a small proportion of nitrogen, about 50% of phosphates and 100% potash are imported, causing a strain on the foreign exchange reserve. The above scenario led agriculture into a full circle where organic manure biofertilizers regained importance.

In order to improve soil health, protect the environment, and provide nutrients to crops in a natural way Gokulam Biotech has introduced various BioFertilizers in

Liquid formulations

Liquid formulations of biofertilizers of Gokulam Biotech are better in terms of virulency and shelf life than carrier - based biofertilizers or liquid broth formulations. Liquid biofertilizers of Gokulam Biotech have a shelf life of more than one year.